Outdoor Kitchens: Maximize a Backyard

Outdoor kitchen scene

Outdoor kitchens can maximize your backyard living. Imagine a sunny Texas morning. A cup of coffee by your side, you’re making omelets in your outdoor kitchen. You reach over and snip a few fresh herbs from the garden to delicately sprinkle over the dish. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Well, moving the most-used room in your home to the great outdoors doesn’t have to remain a daydream. More and more homeowners are maximizing backyard living. In addition they are bringing their culinary skills—along with the high-performance indoor kitchen experience—with them.

According to the 2016 National Kitchen and Bath Design Trends Report, 69 percent of the designers surveyed recently created an outdoor kitchen and 43 percent saw an increase in requests for alfresco living spaces from their customers. “This year I already have three outdoor kitchens scheduled,” says L.A.-based Karl Champley, AKBD, and NKBA K+B Insider. “I think the trend will continue to grow as an extension of the indoor cooking and dining experience. More projects are including a fire pit as a feature and pizza ovens are becoming more popular as well.”

Homeowners are not only bringing the entire kitchen experience outside with weatherproof cabinets, refrigerators and music systems, but also the comfort of the dining and family rooms. Indoor-style furniture and lighting are migrating to the wilds of the backyard, creating a haven from the rest of the world while substantially increasing living space.

Source: National Kitchen & Bath Association

Texas Hill Country Kitchen

Ashley’s home in Texas Hill Country has a natural rustic feel that Ashley and her husband, Bob, wanted to keep. What they needed to change was the lack of storage and modern elements. After researching kitchens that captured a modern barn vibe Ashley was going for she found the perfect mix of style and function. Ashley and Bob decided on these beautiful cabinets, cabinet fronts, cabinet hardware, countertops, oven, cooktop, and hood. It’s a kitchen they’ll surely enjoy for many years to come. Source: Ikea

The Benefits of Sunlight In Your Home

Think Sunlight In Your Kitchen or Bath Remodel

When preparing to remodel your kitchen or bath, incorporating natural lighting into your plans can be very important. According to recent studies, there are many benefits to natural sunlight:

Sunlight suppresses your appetite:

Yes, sunlight suppresses your hunger in two ways:

1. By stimulating melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) production into the pituitary gland;

2. By stimulating serotonin production and suppressing melatonin production into the pineal gland. It sounds very scientific, but it’s true!

Sunlight improves your circulation:

Sunlight improves blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels in your skin, thus bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your blood cells, red and white. It also keeps the heart healthy by lowering the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

Sunlight boosts your immune system:

Sunlight encourages the production of white blood cells, which increase with sun exposure, and play a major role in defending the body against infections.

Sunlight helps to balance your body’s hormones:

Sunlight boosts your levels of serotonin – your body’s natural happy hormone! Which is why we feel happier and full of energy when the sun is shining! It’s been shown that exercising outdoors creates more endorphins in the body than exercising indoors – all thanks to the sun!

Steps You Can Take To Increase Natural Light in Your Home

If you’re committed to increasing the natural light in your home there are many actions you can take to start enjoying and benefiting from more natural sunlight, including your kitchen or bath remodeling plans:

  • Open curtains and shades during the day
  • Don’t block windows with furniture
  • Paint your window trim white
  • Use a light colour palette when painting your home
  • Add thermal windows
  • Invest in solar panels for your roof

And, if you’re really serious about getting more sunlight then you should think about using popular tubular skylights.

These skylights can fill you house with healthy natural light as they operate completely on solar energy. There are no complicated remote controls, switches or wiring, just pure, free sunlight. It’s easy: the dome captures sunlight on the roof during the day, and then the sunlight travels through the mirror-like tube until it enters your home. It even works on cloudy days! So get in touch with us today to see how we can get started on making you and your home healthier with natural sunlight.

Source: Solatube

The Importance of Kitchen Lighting

In deciding to create a custom kitchen design or remodeling your existing kitchen, the importance of lighting cannot be overemphasized.

The four types of lighting to consider before beginning a kitchen remodeling project are task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting and accent lighting.

Each of these types of lighting serves a different purpose than the others, so getting acquainted with each one would be to your advantage while you’re in the planning stages of your project. Source: ezinearticles.com