Home renovation projects are always exciting, but they can be stressful if you’re a newbie! Below are some things to keep in mind before your renovation is scheduled to begin to help you ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible for your family.

Mental Preparation

It can sound dramatic, but seeing your home in a state of disrepair for days on end can be nerve-wracking! Even if your project doesn’t require you to leave your home entirely, make sure you take time every day to get out of your house and clear your mind. It’s important that every member of the household is mentally prepared for everything that can come with a renovation, especially a major one: periods with no water or electricity, lack of access to certain rooms, cramped quarters, and the constant presence of relative strangers. Take the time to talk everything over as a family so that everyone is aware of the compromises they’ll need to make in the near future to avoid conflict later, and reassure everyone (and yourself!) that the sacrifices will be worth it once you see the beautiful final product!

Kids & Pets

Home renovations can be especially tricky with young children around– not to mention any furry friends you may have! Loud noises and strange people in your house can be upsetting for both kids and pets, and power tools and exposed wires can pose a risk if they get too curious. If you don’t have the option to keep your pet in the backyard or another room, it may be worth boarding them or entrusting them to a friend for the duration of the project to ensure that they stay stress-free and out of harm’s way. If you have infants or toddlers, it’s also important to note that it may not be possible to halt construction for nap time every day– leaving your home may be the best option to avoid disrupting your little one’s sleep schedule.

Renovation Site

Renovations can cause the most inconvenience when they’re being done in the most functional rooms of your home, like the kitchen or bathroom– but for a good reason, since they yield the most exciting results! These projects will likely require the biggest readjustments for your household, so it’s important to consider every issue that may come up beforehand to determine whether or not you choose to stay somewhere else during the renovation. 

If you still have access to your kitchen, make sure you consider all other mealtime needs. Your family may have to eat in the backyard or another room to avoid the mess, while babies and family members who take certain medications will need to eat on schedule, and cranky toddlers or hyper pets may need to be distracted with yummy snacks throughout the day.

Even if your home has a spare bathroom or two, the loss of access to a bathroom can still be inconvenient, especially in the morning when everyone is getting ready for work and school at once. Make sure to come up with a schedule as a family so that all members of your household are considerate of others’ time and needs, and be sure to remind everyone that this adjustment is only temporary and for a good cause! 

Surrounding Spaces

Even if your renovation is restricted to one or two rooms, prepping the rest of your home is important to ensure that your belongings stay safe and clean. Clear walls and shelves of delicate items that could fall and break due to strong vibrations from power tools, cover furniture with sheets to keep them from being covered in dust, and roll up expensive rugs to protect them from heavy work boots and dirt. If there are precious items you want to put away before renovation begins, make sure to wrap them carefully and safely, and store them in labeled boxes to avoid misplacing them later on.

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