Ashley and Bob were happy with the rustic feel of their Texas Hill Country home but they knew they needed to make some changes to increase the storage and add some modern elements to the space. After doing some research they found a kitchen design that captured the modern barn vibe that they were looking for, and that offered the perfect combination of style and function. The couple decided on new natural cabinets, cabinet fronts, cabinet hardware, countertops, oven, cooktop, and hood for their kitchen. Ashley and Bob are thrilled with the rustic/modern results. The new kitchen is a welcoming and functional space that they will surely enjoy for many years to come.

How Do You Make A Rustic Kitchen Modern?

A rustic modern kitchen is a style that smoothly blends elements of rustic and modern design. Rustic elements can include materials such as wood, stone, and brick. Exposed beams, natural wood finishes, antique furniture, and vintage accents also add to the rustic style. Modern elements that can be added to a rustic kitchen are clean lines, sleek surfaces, metal hardware, and modern appliances with a vintage country flare. Modern elements with a focus on functionality combined with a rustic style creates a space that feels warm and inviting, but also has a contemporary feel and convenience.

Ashley and Bob decided to update their kitchen cabinets with new pull-out drawers and soft close hardware but kept a natural wood finish for the fronts. A new granite countertop and hand painted ceramic tile backsplash are a nice addition and combination of both design styles. A modern rust colored hood was installed over the stove to remove smoke and odors but it’s also another source of light to add to the previously dim kitchen. Custom smart lighting was added under the cabinets and as a new main light fixture. The biggest remodel was installing a large window to allow more light in. This helps to bring the outdoors inside and enhance the natural feel of the space.

Texas Hill Country Kitchen With A Large Bay Window And Wooden Countertops
Large Window To Allow More Natural Light

Storage Options

The couple also wanted to expand storage areas in their small kitchen. New pull-out shelving was installed in the lower kitchen cabinets for easier access and storing. A hanging pot rack was installed to free up all the space the pots were taking up in the cabinets. An under-sink organizer was added to help make the most of the space under the sink that was not being utilized. Finally, a small wood-finished kitchen island was installed to free up the space in the top cabinets above the countertop. Adding these elements has freed up a lot of space and has decluttered their countertops, making the kitchen feel sleeker and cleaner.

Overall, Ashley and Bob are very content with the upgrades and remodeling that blended in well with their existing rustic design. A Texas Hill Country kitchen with all the modern conveniences they could hope for.

How Do You Keep A Rustic Natural Feel To Your Kitchen But Make It Modern

Texas Hill Country Rocking Chair On Wood Flooring
  1. Use natural materials: Incorporate natural materials such as wood and stone into your kitchen design. These materials can add a rustic touch and help to create a warm and inviting space.
  2. Combine modern and rustic elements: Mix modern elements, such as sleep appliances and clean lines, with rustic elements like exposed beams and natural wood finishes. This can help create a balance between the two styles,
  3. Use splashes of colors: Add splashes of color through decor and accessories to bring a modern touch to a rustic kitchen.
  4. Incorporate modern technology: Incorporate modern technology such as smart appliances and LED lighting into your kitchen that has a country design.
  5. Keep the layout open and airy: An open and airy layout adds a modern feel but keeps the space open and inviting.
  6. Use natural light: Make the most of natural light by using large windows and skylights. Bringing in the outdoors enhances the natural feel of the kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen Ideas



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