Cabinets, Flooring, and Countertops

need help deciding what stain on your floors

Are you looking for advice on cabinet, flooring, and countertop choices for your next home remodeling project? Know exactly what you want but now are overwhelmed by the material and vendor selections?

OMG! Kitchen & Bath is here to help San Antonio homeowners navigate the crazy world of remodeling. OMG! is certified to sell floors, countertops, and cabinets from MSI and ProCraft Cabinetry. We are a one-stop-shop eliminating stress by taking away the hassle of picking the right vendor.

Top Choice for Flooring and Countertops

Floors make up the majority of a home. However, choosing your dream flooring requires a little more than just finding the one that “looks” the best. Consider these three factors when choosing flooring materials.

  1. maintenance
  2. durability
  3. costs 

How often do you mop? Do you want to mop often? Do you plan on polishing and sealing tiles? What about refinishing wood flooring? These are things to consider when you make a flooring choice commitment. 

How much traffic will your floors not to mention your countertops have? Granite countertops are extremely durable and tough. Therefore, if the possibility exists that there is someone in your home who likes to skip the cutting board and starts cutting right on your countertop, well, you might want to consider marble. Marble and quartz, both are equally beautiful, durable, and are high-quality! 

Our vendor, MSI, is North America’s leading supplier of natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, and luxury vinyl tile. Additionally, MSI is affordable and provides reasonably priced products. Now you can afford beautiful, trend-forward surfaces!

Top Choice for Cabinets 

Finding the perfect cabinets is challenging enough without adding the number of vendor choices to that list. Two things to consider when selecting cabinets. 

  1. color
  2. style

Cabinets come in many different colors. Therefore, it’s important that you have a vendor with some color choices. The wrong color can make a space look cramped. The right color can brighten a room. Your cabinet color choices can set the tone for the rest of your home. Lucky for you we have a vendor with many color choices!

Besides needing color choices, a good vendor should also have various cabinet styles. Style is what ultimately will turn your space into a rustic, elegant, modern, casual, or formal area.

ProCraft Cabinetry gives our clients the highest quality and excellence in products. Their goal is to offer quality cabinets at a considerably lower price, without compromising quality and integrity. Manufacturing their cabinets gives them an advantage over other competitors because they pass their savings onto our clients. 

For questions or more information on San Antonio Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, please call OMG! Kitchen & Bath at 210-535-1000, or fill out our online request form


How To Clean Your Kitchen In 20 Minutes A Day

Day 1. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.
Day 2. Clean the inside and outside of your trash can.
Day 3. Tidy cookbooks, aprons and towel and linen drawers.
Day 4. Wipe down baking containers (flour, sugar, cornstarch).
Day 5. Clean out your refrigerator. Wipe down shelves and tidy freezer.
Day 6. Wipe down cabinet fronts (dust and polish) and range hood.
Day 7. Mop the floor.
Day 8. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.
Day 9. Clean the inside of your utensil holders and top of refrigerator.
Day 10. Clean under your refrigerator and stove.
Day 11. Clean the seal on your dishwasher and garbage disposal.
Day 12. Clean windows and sills (if you have them).
Day 13. Wipe down decorative accessories and pictures.
Day 14. Mop the floor.
Day 15. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.
Day 16. Tidy pantry, canned goods, boxes and bags.
Day 17. Clean cleaning items (clean the sponge, wash towels, etc.).
Day 18. Wipe down interior cabinet shelves.
Day 19. Wipe down walls.
Day 20. Wipe down cabinets (dust and polish) and range hood.
Day 21. Mop the floor.
Day 22 Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.
Day 23. Organize pots, pans or other frequently used under cabinet drawer.
Day 24. Scrub out sink and wipe down faucet.
Day 25. Clean out your refrigerator, wipe down shelves and tidy freezer.
Day 26. Clean the inside of your microwave and set your oven to clean.
Day 27. Wipe down baseboards.
Day 28. Mop the floor.
Day 29. Wipe down the fronts of appliances, large and small.
Day 30. Dust light fixtures, clean switch plates, vent covers.


Texas Hill Country Kitchen

Ashley’s home in Texas Hill Country has a natural rustic feel that Ashley and her husband, Bob, wanted to keep. What they needed to change was the lack of storage and modern elements. After researching kitchens that captured a modern barn vibe Ashley was going for she found the perfect mix of style and function. Ashley and Bob decided on these beautiful cabinets, cabinet fronts, cabinet hardware, countertops, oven, cooktop, and hood. It’s a kitchen they’ll surely enjoy for many years to come. Source: Ikea