Nowadays, people are investing in what they’re calling their “sanctuary”. You know, that place you can always count on to relax in after a long day. The one you can lock yourself in to hide from your kids for 10 minutes. That place you visit every morning to get ready to take on the world … yeah, bathrooms do a lot for us. It seems people are really beginning to appreciate all the peace bathrooms provide us resulting in a significant increase in bathroom upgrades over the past decade. Here are 10 trends we are expecting to keep growing! 

walk in shower

1. Walk-in showers are a must, especially as you age. 

People are tired of crouching down to reach their feet and ducking to avoid head injury on the way back up. Everyone wants more room in their showers and that’s why open concept, walk-in showers are the biggest push for people choosing to remodel their entire bathroom. There are so many styles, sizes, and layouts for adding a walk-in shower to your bathroom. Get ideas for your walk-in shower remodel, here.

2. Black is all that!

Fictional scenes of futuristic homes may have looked all white and robotic when we were kids but the future is here and black and white are in a close race! Some people are choosing to go the “blackout” route, some are loving black bathroom fittings, and matte black is also an increasingly popular request! Black is often associated with minimalistic bathroom remodels.

biophilic bathroom

3. Biophilic Design

On the other side of the spectrum of black bathroom interior design is biophilic design. Biophilic design is based on integrating nature into our living spaces. When we spend time outdoors, we feel a unique sense of interconnectedness and peace so it makes sense that people are choosing this style for their bathroom renovations. This is most often paired with lots of wood finishes, greenery, cool tones, and white.


4. Modern Bathroom Technology 

Technology won’t leave a single aspect of our life behind. We’re not talking TVs and Bluetooth speakers in the shower either. Modern bathroom remodels are now including floor heating technology for the winter, fireplaces, smart toilets, voice-activated bathroom settings such as lighting and water activation, and full-body blow dryers.

pink bathroom

5. Stand-Alone Tubs and Basins

We may all want a big walk-in shower, but we also don’t want to give up our relaxing bubble baths. Luxury has always been associated with stand-alone bathtubs can be a jaw-dropping addition to any bathroom.


6. Small is No Problem

Alongside minimalistic design, small living spaces and bathrooms are also on the rise. If you have a small bathroom, there is no reason to feel discouraged in getting your bathroom remodeled anymore. Modern architects and designers have come up with unlimited opportunities for highly efficient storage and use of space. People are excited about using what they’ve got and living small. We must say, these bathrooms make it look good!

tile bathroom white

7. Textured Tile

Colorful, artsy tile is out and sleek tile is in! Modern bathrooms are now featuring neutral, cool tone tiles that will grab the eye with a unique texture. These tiles are more often being added to nontraditional placements as well, like a bathroom sink backsplash or the entirety of a wall.


8. Minimalistic Lighting

Bathroom lighting is so important! How else would you be able to properly decide whether you have just the right amount of blush on every morning? Beautiful, minimal light fixtures are being strategically added throughout bathrooms. Both practically and aesthetically, a little light in your bathroom remodel will make a huge difference.

9. Concrete Everywhere

People are opting for concrete everywhere they can nowadays – it’s an increasing trend for all home remodeling. Not only is it cost-effective, but it is durable and eco-friendly. You can now renovate your bathroom with concrete floors, walls, and even countertops. With some added natural elements such as white accents, greenery, and wood decor you warm the room and are left with a beautiful, industrial-chic outcome.

10. His and Her Sinks are Non-negotiable

Let’s be honest, 10 years from now there will be virtually no single-sink master bathrooms. It is clear that married couples everywhere have all agreed on one thing – individuals need their own space in the bathroom. This is the second most common reason we get called in to do a bathroom remodel. We have a feeling this trend will remain strong and steady throughout the 2020s.

Any of these modern looks catch your eye? Give us a call today to set up a consultation with your trendy remodeling expert at OMG Kitchen and Bath! We can create 4D renderings for you to virtually walk through your bathroom redesign before we even begin demolition. Let’s start personalizing your private sanctuary today! (210) 796-6404