Have you been thinking about giving your bathroom a facelift? Do you need more space when you shower? Walk-in showers are one of the biggest trends in bathroom remodeling these days and have been rising quickly to the top of many home renovation wishlists. Here are some things to consider when designing a walk-in shower to take your morning routine to the next level!


Curbless walk-in showers tend to be safest, posing the lowest risk of tripping upon entering or exiting the shower, especially for any household members who have mobility issues. It’s also important to consider different options for flooring when designing your shower– some materials, such as ceramic and porcelain, are far slippier than others when wet.

Door or No Door?

Many people prefer a walk-in shower with no door or curtain because of the open, spacious look it provides, instantly modernizing any bathroom. This option can also make a bathroom look larger and more light-filled. If space is tight in your bathroom, don’t worry! You can achieve a similar look by selecting a covered option with frameless glass to let in as much light as possible.

Walls & Tile

Experiment with different options for tiles, flooring, and glass! Frosted panes can provide privacy without disrupting your shower’s sleek look, while frameless glass can make a shower appear larger. Dark tiles offer a striking pop of color, while light tiles will also serve to make the room seem larger. If you prefer an all-over tiled look, have fun with different tiles and textures on the walls and floor!

Seating & Storage

A bench is a great addition to any shower, especially for one you’ll be using for years to come. If your shower is a little tight, a removable option might be best; however, if you have the room, a built-in seat will provide a more stable option. To prevent the bench from becoming cluttered, think about in-shower storage options. Shelves or cubbies built into the shower wall can house all your products while keeping everything easy-to-reach. 

Shower Heads

Experiment with a variety of showerheads to see what you like best: rain showers and dual or multiple heads are all great options that can serve to add a little more luxury to your shower experience. If you’re unsatisfied with your water pressure, look for a powerful high-pressure shower head that can make the most of your water flow. Handheld or detachable showerheads are great for anyone with mobility issues– as a bonus, they make cleaning your shower much easier!

Customize It!

You can also add a variety of features, depending on your budget and space. An in-shower shaving mirror can shave a few minutes off your morning routine, while a towel holder keeps you from having to step out of the warm shower to grab one on cold winter days. Hooks and hanging shower organizers can also go a long way towards increasing your storage options.

Finishing Touches

After you’ve planned exactly what your shower will look like, it’s time to get creative! Adding aromatic plants like eucalyptus or lilac branches inside your shower will create a spa-like experience, and many other indoor plants that thrive in humidity can liven up the room with a splash of greenery.  If you need more ideas, read our blog on the Top 10 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of the 2020 Decade.

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