If you’ve been feeling like your kitchen could use a facelift lately, look no further! A countertop remodel is an investment, but it’s a wonderful way to change up your kitchen design and implement a beautiful new style that you’ll cherish for years to come. Here are a few recent countertop trends we love:


Granite has long been the king when it comes to kitchen counters but in recent years quartz has risen in popularity. The sleek, modern-looking surfaces are nonporous, making them easier to clean and maintain, and are sure to add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen.

Matte finishes

High-shine countertops are beautiful but have been increasingly passed up for honed (non-reflective) and leather finishes. These matte finishes are great for granite, marble, and quartz because they easily hide scratches and imperfections that a high-shine finish might not.


More and more homeowners are seeking materials made in an ethical, environmentally-friendly way. Recycled materials like reclaimed wood, composite, and recycled glass blends are all popular eco-friendly choices.


Concrete countertops add a rugged, urban edge to any kitchen. This material is extremely durable as well, holding up to any number of stains and scratches, making this a great, long-lasting choice.

Reclaimed wood

Add a rustic touch to your kitchen with reclaimed wood countertops! This option is incredibly sustainable and pairs well with any kitchen color scheme — it’s the perfect option for a trendy “farmhouse” kitchen.



One of the quickest ways to liven up your kitchen is by playing with contrast! Dark countertops and light cabinets offer an interesting look– experiment with colors and textures to find a pairing that catches your eye.

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