Are you ready to step into a bathroom that seamlessly marries historic charm with modern luxury? Look no further than the recent bathroom remodeling project completed by OMG Kitchen & Bath Remodeling in the heart of San Antonio’s Monticello Park neighborhood. This historic district, which emerged from the visionary efforts of developers Leo S. Karren, H. C. Thormann, and C. M. Furr during the late 1920s, boasts a remarkable blend of architectural styles, from the Art Moderne to Spanish Eclectic and Tudor Revival.


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Tucked away in this enchanting neighborhood, the featured bathroom presented a unique challenge: a narrow space with soaring 9-foot tall ceilings. The solution? A design that maximizes openness while paying homage to the district’s eclectic heritage. The walls, painted in a soft hue, create the illusion of a spacious oasis, inviting relaxation and tranquility.

Let's dive into the carefully chosen materials that came together to craft this one-of-a-kind bathroom retreat:

Geomento Ceramic Floor & Wall Tile by SomerTile

This exceptional tile marries old-world charm with contemporary allure. The square matte tile boasts subtle geometric motifs in shades of faded light grey and pale yellow, perfectly echoing Monticello Park's architectural diversity.

Bellmont Cabinet Co. Dual Vanity Bathroom Cabinets

Sporting a naval hue and retro door design, these cabinets effortlessly capture the essence of the past while integrating modern functionality. Chrome cabinet pulls add a touch of sophistication.

Premium Natural Quartz Vanity Countertop by MSI

The countertop exudes elegance and endurance, offering a perfect surface for daily routines. Its natural beauty complements the overall aesthetic seamlessly.

Kohler Bancroft Sink Faucets in Polished Chrome

The sleek sink faucets in polished chrome not only provide a sense of luxury but also nod to the enduring beauty of classic designs.

Dual Vanity Medicine Cabinet Mirrors

These mirrors seamlessly blend style and utility. They enhance the sense of space while providing ample storage for everyday essentials.

Frameless Glass Stand-in Shower

The stand-in shower, crowned by a frameless glass door, epitomizes modern indulgence. Its design ensures openness and maximizes the perception of space.

Kohler Bancroft Showering Kit in Polished Chrome

This comprehensive showering kit offers both functionality and aesthetics. With a single lever handle and a multifunction showerhead, it guarantees a luxurious shower experience.

Hudson Penny Round Smoky Blue Accent Shower Tile by SomerTile

This porcelain mosaic tile infuses the shower space with personality. Its cobalt blue shades, blending into light grey, create a mesmerizing play of color, reminiscent of the district's rich history.

In conclusion, the breathtaking bathroom renovation in the Monticello Park historic district encapsulates the essence of a harmonious blend between history and modern luxury. Every detail, from the carefully chosen tiles to the elegant fixtures, reflects the district’s eclectic charm while providing a space of comfort and rejuvenation. If you’re inspired by this dream bathroom makeover and have dreams of revitalizing your own space, look no further than OMG Kitchen & Bath Remodeling. Our team is dedicated to crafting personalized, exceptional spaces that capture the spirit of your vision. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards a stunning home transformation that merges the past with the present in the most captivating way imaginable.

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