Here are 5 quick and easy ideas to spruce up your kitchen for the holidays!

Evergreen branches and garlands

You can put evergreen branches in vases just like flowers. You can also wrap garlands over your windows, doors, or the tops of your cabinets.

Red ribbons galore

Tie red ribbons around the backs of your barstools and other chairs. You can also add ribbons to your refrigerator doors. Small, delicate ribbons look great on cabinet pulls, too.

Cheerful seasonal mugs

Just like the textiles above, you can put your usual mugs into storage for a month and use seasonal mugs instead. This is one of the easiest ways to spread the festive spirit — guests always love holiday mugs!

Christmas card crafts

Mount your holiday cards on your fridge doors or sides. You can also hang them tent-like from a piece of yarn draped across the wall.

Candy cane lane

Add sugar and spice and everything nice to your kitchen with jars of your favorite candy. Candy canes, a gingerbread house and a Christmas lollipop tree are sure get your guests attention over the holidays!