Lighting is a crucial part of any home renovation project– it plays a major role in setting the tone of your space. Although the list of options may seem endless and difficult to navigate, we’ve collected a few things to keep in mind when selecting beautiful new lights for your home!

General lighting first

General lighting is the most basic step when lighting a room, and as such should be determined before any other lighting. Aim for lights that sufficiently illuminate the room without drowning out other colors, and stick to warm tones over harsh fluorescent bulbs.

Customize lighting

Consider every room’s highlights and individual features, and then design your lighting around it. General lighting will boost the ambiance of a room, but task lighting will serve to highlight special architectural features or any interior design elements that you want to show off.

Prioritize according to your budget

Home renovations aren’t cheap! When determining your project budget, make sure that general lighting is towards the top of your priority list, and add additional lighting later on if you can spare the expense.

Don’t overdo it

Too much light in one room can wash it out, ruining your carefully-planned interior design scheme. Make sure your rooms are getting enough light to be bright and beautiful during the day without becoming harsh by using a mix of different lighting sources. This process, known as “blending,” ensures that your room’s ambience isn’t disrupted by over-lighting.

Natural light alone isn’t enough

Sunshine streaming in through the windows looks beautiful in any room, but it won’t last all day! Rooms with skylights and large windows still need sufficient lighting to remain bright long after the sun goes down.

Mood and efficiency go hand-in-hand

It’s important to consider both of these elements when planning lighting. For example, in a kitchen, task lighting is important to highlight countertops and other workspaces that may need more illumination, while overhead lighting may benefit from being on dimmer switches to influence the ambiance of the room during mealtime.

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