Flooring can be one of the most overlooked options for a remodel. Although it’s a more high-maintenance makeover than a new coat of paint, there’s no better way to drastically change the style of an entire room. Here are some of our favorite trends to modernize your flooring:

Light, natural tones

Whether using natural or synthetic materials, homeowners are opting for flooring in lighter neutrals, particularly grey tones and light woods like blonde and white oak.

Unpolished wood

Aside from being an environmentally-friendly choice, reclaimed wood is also the perfect way to add a rustic yet elegant touch to any home.

Bold area rugs

While tile and wood flooring have started to overtake carpeting in popularity, a large area rug can still be a great way to add flair and comfort to a room! Check out vintage stores for unique pieces, and feel free to layer two rugs at once to mix textures and patterns.

Stained concrete

For anyone seeking a clean, minimalist look, stained concrete flooring can be a great way to give your home a little bit of edge. If you’re partial to a modern, industrial style, this option will be perfect for you!

Faux porcelain tiles

Like the look of wood or marble flooring but unsure about the cost or maintenance? Many homeowners opt for faux-wood or faux-marble porcelain tile for an extremely realistic option that is easier to maintain– and a little easier on your wallet.

Black and white tile

Black and white patterned tiles offer a bold pop of color and contrast in a kitchen or bathroom, particularly for any fans of the modern farmhouse trend.

Terrazzo tile

Terrazzo may seem like a vintage choice for some, but lately the speckled tiles have been popping up more and more! As a bonus, this option is also an environmentally-friendly choice.

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