Although the latest trend of spacious, sunny farmhouse kitchens is the dream for many homeowners, a lot of us simply don’t have the space. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a magazine-ready kitchen of your own, though! Here are five tips to make the most of a small kitchen by maximizing your space and accentuating its features: 

Magnetic strips

Install a magnetic strip to securely hold a large variety of items at once– anything from knives to the contents of your spice cabinet, which you can magnetize by sticking on magnetic strips or using metal tins– and free up valuable counter and cabinet space!

Utilize forgotten spaces

The insides of cabinet doors and other forgotten kitchen spaces can be great ways to sneak in some extra methods of organization! Attach a calendar or whiteboard, paint with blackboard paint, or install command hooks or racks to transform any bit of bare space into a functional part of your kitchen.

Wire shelf risers

These simple and affordable wire risers are perfect for adding a shelf wherever you need one. Whether you want to double down on cabinet space or add an extra row in your fridge, risers can increase your storage capabilities in a snap!

Pegboard organizers

Used by the late, great Julia Child, these workshop organizers also make a great solution for overflowing cabinets and drawers. Hang pots, pans, utensils, and anything else you want easily, and have them within arm’s reach when you need them.

Open shelving

For those with no cabinets, open shelves are the perfect solution, proving a sleek, minimalist look while boosting your storage. As a bonus, this option also allows you to showcase your prettiest dishes and other kitchenware!

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