Although it may not be a winter wonderland outside, there’s no reason you can’t transform your home into a cozy, festive retreat! Here are six interior decorating tips to fill your home with the holiday spirit this year:

Area rugs

Save your feet from freezing cold floors by adding area rugs for an extra layer of warmth! You can even layer them on top of each other to create interesting effects with colors, patterns, and textures.

Plush accents

Add fuzzy pillows and blankets to beds, sofas, and any other lounge areas of your home to make the spaces even warmer.

Seasonal scents

Use diffusers to fill your home with scents like pine or vanilla to set the wintry mood. 

Soft lighting

If the lighting in your home feels harsh, replace your bulbs with ones that emit a warmer, yellow-toned light and supplement them with candles and twinkle lights to create a warm, cozy glow.

Add greenery

Winter can be a grey, rainy season, especially here in Texas where we don’t get much snow. Contrast the weather and bare trees outside by bringing in lots of indoor plants to liven up your living space with green, growing things.

Switch your draperies

Although light, airy curtains are nice for summertime, they don’t do much to warm your home when the temperature drops. Swap out your curtains for heavier, lined drapes in season-appropriate jewel tones.

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