Consider the grays and whites that were once en vogue as interior colors. Customers loved the freshness and depth these colors gave to a room — at first. But that infatuation gave way to criticism that this so-called personalized room looked like any other room — devoid of character and emotion.

We at OMG! Kitchen and Bath understand the temptation to “play it safe” when it comes to designing a space. We also know that every trend has an expiration date.

Interior Color Design

Interior design is a journey to create a timeless yet modern space that is unique to every client. How does OMG! Kitchen and Bath do that? By embarking on that journey with you and focusing on your tastes, the functionality of the room, and the
materials that will best represent your vision.

Maybe you have a treasured heirloom or a piece of art. Either can be a source of emotion. They can also be a source of inspiration as we begin our journey with you to create a space in which the design elements and colors bring this treasured piece to life.

Every room tells a personal story. Our job is to create a space — be it a kitchen, a master bathroom, or a living room —that tells our client’s
story. Heirlooms and art have an impact on our lives; our commitment to you is to create a space that affects all who enter it.

Trends may come and go, but the customized space born of a personal connection, OMG! Kitchen and Bath believes that it is a trend that is timeless. We understand that trust and intuition are vital to the success of any project. Finding a trustworthy team that understands and can guide your intuition is crucial to the creation of something that is both unique and timeless.

Call OMG! Kitchen and Bath, and let us begin that journey to create a well-planned, well-designed modern space that is unique to you.

Pride and passion make all the difference. Reach out to OMG! Kitchen and Bath and see the difference for yourself. Let the journey begin!