Are your kids driving you crazy since they are not in school? Enticing your kids to do small tasks around the house will make your work from home life less stressful and will nurture their independence. The focus should always be to encourage them to have fun while simultaneously guiding them to be self-sufficient! Check out the kid-friendly cleanup events and ideas we have come up with for you!

1. Create a cleaning game

A fun and interactive way to get your kids to clean up is to create a DIY cleaning game! Use old Jenga pieces or a deck of cards, and write down chores such as “help mommy clean,” “mop the floor,” “cook dinner,” etc. The mystery will rile them up and get them excited to help out!

2. Make it a treasure hunt

Pirates, princesses and beyond! Your kids will feel right in a fairytale while helping out around the house. Create a list of clean up activities they must perform to collect clues. The first to finish each task gets the next clue! This makes for a great weekend activity that’ll help you bond and be productive! 

3. Start a rewards system

It takes ten minutes to create a cool poster listing out cleaning tasks around the house. Add your kids’ names, create a point system (use stickers to make it fun!), and voilá! You can decide whether they must complete one or two tasks a day, and at the end of the week reward them with something sweet based on how many stickers they earned. 

4. Turn it into a scrapbook

A different, yet meaningful, way to turn cleaning into an enjoyable activity is by telling your kids you will create a scrapbook or storybook. Encourage them to dress up and start by taking pictures of the characters in your storybook. Add before and after pictures of the areas you’ll focus on to show them what their hard work can do! Activities can include cleaning the bathtub, re-organizing the towel rack, labeling kitchen supplies, and so much more! Kids love looking at the scrapbooks and it is something you can treasure forever, so this is a win-win for everyone! 

5. Gift them a cookbook

Although this one requires a little more time, it is an exciting activity for both you and the little ones! Start by browsing for quick and yummy recipes for your kids to help out with. Get them excited to participate by turning cooking into a contest! At the end of the showdown always include a clean-up task. This teaches them both kitchen and cleaning etiquette all at once! 

We hope these ideas keep your children engaged and learning during quarantine! Print out this checklist to help establish a daily cleaning routine for the kiddos. Looking to remodel your kitchen or bath soon? Give us a call at (210) 535-1000 to learn more about our services.