Looking for different ways you can decorate and organize your home during self-quarantine? Mason jars are a common household item that is often overlooked for decor and multi-purpose functionality. There’s a number of at-home hacks you can implement using mason jars! These projects make way for the creation of wonderful family memories that leave you with a piece of one-of-a-kind decor. Keep your spirits high, your mind motivated, and give your home a little polish with some of our DIY mason jar ideas.

A Chic Bathroom Storage Hack

One cool way you can organize your home using mason jars is to hang and use them as storage in your bathroom. Not only does it make it convenient to store your cotton swabs and hair ties, but it adds a rustic decor to your bathroom.

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A Rustic Oil Lamp

Customize an oil lamp with your own blend of essential oils, fruit, herbs, leaves, and flowers. Mix all your favorite natural scents for a functional and beautiful piece of home decor.

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Store Spices in Your Pantry

Is your pantry loaded with tons of herbs and spices? You can use mason jars to organize some of your favorite spices and herbs in your kitchen. 

A pop of fresh! Grow Herbs

Yummy greenery adds freshness to every kitchen. It’s springtime which means it’s the perfect season to take on this project and begin growing herbs in a mason jar. Enjoy this simple project and add a little life to any kitchen. 

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Organize a Messy Workspace

Does your kids’ craft area feel messy and unorganized? Mason jars are an inexpensive and easy way to keep things clean! You can even get creative with your kids and decorate the jars to add a pop of color. 

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Organize Your Kitchen with Style

Make a chic utensil holder. This is a simple way to decorate your kitchen while keeping things organized. Plus the mason jars make it more convenient to grab your utensils whenever you’re cooking, no sous chef needed!

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Coffee is Better When it’s Organized

Who needs a coffee house when you can create your own custom coffee bar? Mason jars can help create a coffee station, keeping your coffee creamers and stirrers neatly organized. Plus, mason jars are definitely more attractive than the plastic jugs that coffee creamers come in. 

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Whimsical Light Fixtures

If you are looking for something a little more challenging and rewarding, we highly recommend trying your hand at these beautiful mason jar light strings or make a chandelier!

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