Are you just beginning your home renovation journey? Let’s start off by discussing a term you might have seen floating around the Internet in recent years: mood board. What does this mean? A mood board is a common tool in the world of design (and creative arts in general), used to present an idea in a visual format. It can be either digital or physical, and is a collage of photos, illustrations, quotes, and more that all work together to convey a tone, concept, or mood. 

A mood board is ultimately yours to customize; you should include whatever you think gets your vision across the best. However, if you’re feeling a little lost, here are a few components to get you started!


It’s important to have a general color palette in mind when deciding on a room’s overall appearance. Including a few paint swatches or samples on your board will help you determine whether the pieces you pick out go with your color scheme or not. Working digitally? Pantone’s Color Finder tool will help you find all the swatches you need– and then some!


For a home remodel, you’ll likely want pictures of completed rooms, furniture pieces, light fixtures, and other related images. Make sure you’re keeping track of where you source the pictures from– you might want to revisit the websites and companies to see if they have other pieces you like!

Textures & Patterns

Can’t find an exact version of the rug, couch, or wallpaper you’re dreaming of? Don’t worry! Include a sample of the pattern or texture you want so that you can reference it as you shop and compare it to the other parts of the room to make sure it doesn’t clash.

Just for Fun

Add an ultra-personal touch to your mood board with quotes, scenes from movies or TV, nature and landscape images, or anything else you want! This may seem strange to include when thinking about home renovation, but all of these special additions will help to convey the vibe you’re picturing while also providing inspiration for colors, textures, and other elements of the room.

Check out this example for inspiration!

A classic mood board is a collage created by finding images in magazines and online, made on a piece of paper or poster board. When it comes to a digital mood board, many people opt to use free sites like Canva or tools like Photoshop. However, it’s also possible to create one using standard software like PowerPoint or Google Slides.

Too busy for an arts and crafts session, digital or not? Many people use Pinterest as a way to quickly develop mood boards of their own by “pinning” images they like to a digital board. This allows you to keep a group of pictures in one place and classify them however you want. Creating a Pinterest board dedicated to your remodel will give you an easy way to share your vision with your contractor, interior designer, or anyone else associated with the project.

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