The Virginia Tech Center for Design Research brought its FutureHAUS Bathroom to Design & Construction Week in recently in Las Vegas. (Last year, it debuted its FutureHAUS Kitchen, which was just as ambitious and futuristic as this year’s offering.) A joint project of the school’s architecture and computer science programs, the FutureHAUS Bathroom shows what’s possible in home design. Some of the amenities that are integrated into the project bathroom include:

  • A bathroom mirror with customizable readouts for weather, traffic, TV display and more
  • A shower system that lets you know when you’re low on shower gel, conditioner or shampoo and places an online order for the item before you run out
  • Flooring that sends out an alert if a bathroom occupant falls
  • A chromatherapy-jetted tub for comfort
  • A high-tech bidet-style toilet with Bluetooth capability

It’s safe to say that when it comes to technology, the possibilities are endless.