According to a recent article in Venture Beat online magazine, the role of the kitchen can see some dramatic and positive changes. Consider that…

1. Innovation follows the money
A kitchen remodel can return anywhere from 70 to 120 percent at resale of the home. Thus, when homeowners invest in a kitchen, they often aren’t afraid to spend. This allows builders and homeowners to see a return on their investment. Expect to see exciting new advancements in the coming years.

2. Growth of smart kitchen appliances
Smart appliances and devices are the most tangible applications of AI in the kitchen, as major tech companies like Samsung and KitchenAid continue to develop smart refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc. We can also expect a wider variety of connected kitchen devices, like Amazon Echo and Google Home.

3. Personalized dining experiences
AI will play an active role in commercial kitchens and restaurants. As industries focus on personalizing product offerings for customers, restaurants may begin using applications that provide relevant recommendations and customized menus. For example, menus could be customized according to prior knowledge of customers’ food allergies, which would alleviate much of the stress some patrons encounter when dining out.